Arts Workshops

All Arts Workshops are led by Artists, Musicians, Dancers and Actors who are experts in their field and experienced teachers, and may take place either at your site or at YAI. Unless otherwise stated, each arts workshop is 2 hours in length once a week and runs for 8, 12 or 24 weeks. All materials are provided. Each program is customized for the skills, abilities and interests of the participants. Arts workshop series culminate with an exhibit or performance by participants.

Visual Arts Workshops

Artists who are experts in their field and experienced teachers provide hands-on workshops in painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, T shirt or tote bag design and jewelry making. Programs may focus on a particular art form, such as printmaking or mural making, or working with cultural traditions and images. The projects may be collaborative or involve individual creative efforts.

Jewelry Making

Who doesn’t love jewelry? In this 2-4 session workshop series, participants will learn to make fabulous jewelry with gorgeous beads. Depending on interest and skill, participants will make earrings, necklaces, bracelets and/or hair ornaments.


Everyone wants to document their lives in interesting and beautiful ways.  Participants will learn the basics of photography, with interesting, hands-on assignments. Composition, lighting, and telling a visual story will all be considered in this workshop series. Using digital cameras, participants will go on “shooting expeditions” with the photography teacher.


Professional musicians teach these music workshops, which always include vocal warm-ups, communicating through the universal languages of rhythm, sound, song and melody. These workshops are multicultural, combining musical traditions from diverse cultures. These programs provide opportunities for participants to work together and to shine on their own.  Programs may focus on a particular instrument or ethnic tradition, such as West African Drumming.


Everybody can dance! The movement workshops provide opportunities for participants to move to popular sounds and choreograph their own dances. Following a vocal and physical warm-up, participants communicate through movement games involving scarves, ribbon wands, balls, parachutes and more before testing the creative waters of inventing their own dance moves. Programs may focus on a particular dance tradition, such as Latin dance or Modern, for example. Participants work together and have a chance for a big solo as well.


Actors, Spoken Word Artists and/or Storytellers bring the drama! Everybody does a vocal and physical warm-up before diving into acting out stories, improvising scenes, making up group poems or writing plays. Participants work together on the material of their lives, as well as taking off on themes in popular culture, folk tales or Shakespeare.

For more information on our Arts Workshops, please contact: 

Quimetta Perle